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In this task we made a video with our colleagues from other groups.
We have to understand how schools are organized and how everything is in a relationship, because it is crucial to understand deeply that schools are complex. We explored what complexity means and how this affects the relationships at school. We also had to read before making the video a chapter about 5 types of relationships at schools giving examples of 5 fiction mini-cases. We recorded one of this situations.
With this task we have learned that schools are complex places and learning is also a complex process.
We have to say that within school we can find teacher-student connection, connections with peers, connections within the learning context, connexions beyond the classroom, connections within learning.



Hello everyone!!  I am Naomi Méndez, the star of this week. I have been the star twice, but this week my role was quite different. I have been a kind of movie director. 
First of all we had to write some cases, and then in class, we chose one case in order to represent it. 
When I had chosen the case (Teacher-Student relationship) I went with some colleagues of mine to another classroom and we made a fast representation of the case I wrote. It was about showing the difference between a demotivated teacher and a brand new one who helps a lot her pupils. 
After recording the video, I edited it and uploaded in Youtube.


Hi! I'm Veronica Molina and the role of curator is mine this week!
As we had to continue with the second part of the task of the last week (complexity and relationship), the information we have used is all from the second chapter the teacher gave us  (Starkey, L. (2012). Teaching and learning in the digital age. London: Routledge.)
In the previous task we also had to search information on the internet to find news related with the content, but this time we didn’t have to do it due to the fact we had to create some scenes by ourselves, so this is the only source of information we used.


Hi everyone!!  I’m Aintzane, the analyst of this week. My role is to evaluate the work of my group.
The task of this week has been ‘Relationships in a Complex Context’ . We had to do 5 different cases with the 5 types of relationships at school, in which, we have illustrated the teachers’ situation at school each day. 
Finally, on Wednesday, we had to record a short in order to illustrate the relationships that we have studied in this task. The movie directors were the different stars. For example in my group, my director was Stina Eliasson, the star of the group, Ladies and Gentleman, and we had to it about Connections with peers.
I love my group, and I hope that continue working as well as we have worked until now.


Hi everyone! I´m Paula, the journalist of this week. My objective is to tell you what we have done to obtain the results of this task. 
First of all, on Monday Linda explained and gave us the instructions we had to follow in order to do the task. In class we read some documents and started to work hard. In the evening we met at the library to finish our work. It was funny because we had to create some histories and scenarios and for that we needed a lot of imagination. 
On Wednesday, the big day, Linda surprised us as always saying that we had to mix with other groups in order to create a theatre and made a representation. The challenge was to do it only in one hour, or less. Create and record the video was too fun (at least in my group)!! I think everyone had a great time that day ;) We have to upload it to youtube and we´ll watch it on Monday as if we were in a cinema, I hope everything goes well (and fun).


Hi flowers!!! I am Elena Torres Soto and I am the translator of this week. We have learn the meaning of this five words which I think that are the best represent what we have been doing during his task:

  • Connection: ths term decribes the relationship between two or more people (in this case it could be techer-student or studen-student) which is characterized by confidence.
  • Complexity: This term describes the behavior of a system or model whose components interact in multiple ways and follow local rules, meaning there is no reasonable higher instruction to define the various possible interactions.
  • Influence: this term refers to the fact that if teachers do something it is very posible that it will have consequences in the students.
  • Knowledge: this term represents what teachers transmit to their students and also what the students aquire thanks to teacher.
  • System: this term makes refference to that school is composed by different parts, and they work thanks to the unión among them.


Hello Flowers! I’m Paula Martínez Plaza and this week I’ve been the facilitator of my group.
The task of this week has been really original because we had to create 5 stories based on “Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age”. My role consisted of dividing the group in four couples to read the document and we rotated every time we finished reading a section and thus, we handled different opinions and ideas. Then, all of us started to create the stories in Spanish due to it was easier for us. Finally, I divided the group in two groups formed by four people, some of us translated the stories to English while the rest of the group reviewed that we had done until that moment. I did that because from my point of view, we understand ourselves better whether we work in that way.
I believe that we don’t have much problems when it comes to working in group, so for me it wasn’t complicated to organize the activity and to resolved doubts. Also, I provided them some food to encourage the dynamic of the group and to create a relaxed environment.

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