martes, 16 de mayo de 2017



  1. How do you incorporate in your school the digital learning technology?
  2. What benefits do you think it brings to the center?
  3. What do you think, is this center focusing on formal or informal learning? What type of learning do you think is more important?
  4. What after-school activities provide the school for parents to become involved in the educational process of their children? (In case the center offers that kind of activities)
  5. Is there any reward for those teachers who innovate?
  6. How is expected the working groups to cooperate?
  7. Is the school involved in activities such as speeches in order to make the students conscious about the risks that technologies can have?
  8. How are the social skills in this school developed?
  9. Does the school develop activities taking into acount the individual differences of each pupil? (His/her potency, expectation…)
  10. Does the school promotes feedback through portfolios, simulartions…And do you think is it important to keep a good relationship between teachers and students?
  11. Does this school include technologies for everything. Do you think students obtain better results using ICT?
  12. How is recognized the prior experimental and the open learning?
  13. Are the students conscious about the licenses?
  14. What type of context promote the learning within the classroom?
  15. How do you use your digital learning technologies?
  16. Why do you think technology is the best way to teach? Have you been good results so far?

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