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It has been our first task. We have really enjoyed trying to show our ideas in a picture and to our colleagues. We had to think of 5 ideas about the education.
It is also important to define “conceptual photography” that is a type of photography that ilustrates an idea.
The 5 ideas about the education that we have chosen are the following ones:

Exploring and learning in school trips.

Human values that school teaches us.

Fighting VS bullying within school.

Anxiety because of homework.

Children's curiosity.



Hi, I am Naomi Méndez García and this week I have been the star. My experience as the star of the group has been great and easy because the job was not difficult, I really liked the topic of this post so it has been really easy going. My partners also helped me a lot with everything, so it makes me less nervous when I had to talk in public.


Hi! I'm Paula Martinez García, the facilitator of this week. The first day we met we split the different roles and we started to organized what we have to do. We didn't divided the work, we just did everything together because it was easier for us. 
We dind't have any problem or fight between us because we are friends and we complement each other well. We hope not to have these kind of problems ever!


Hello, I am Elena Torres, the curator-farmer of this week. In this Project the ideas that we have exposed have been excrated from the ideas and participation of each member of our group. We almost didn´t have to consult the website, we only search the drawing of the bus in the idea of  “Exploring and learning in school trips”.


Hi, I’m Berta Tornel Sempere the journalist of this week.  
The first day, the teacher explained the first task for this week “conceptual vision”. The task once explained at first sight seemed complicated for flower power’s group since they had never done something similar and they didn’t know how to do it or how to start. 
This day after classes the group decided to book a classroom in the Nebrija’s library for Tuesday and also each one had to think two ideas to represent the five situations that were representing the school and the education and then next day they would put them jointly and would choose the best five to make the best conceptual photography. 
On Tuesday, after classes, the whole group met in the cafeteria to share every idea because they had to think about the material that they would need to represent each idea.  In the afternoon at 16:30 p.m they met in the Nebrija’s library with all the material and they start creating. 

On Wednesday they had to show their photos to the entire class. The star of every group dispersed in the class and they had to stick all the photos without the title they had in the wall. Then the teacher said to the other members of the groups to try to guess the title with regard to what they see and to what the star explains to them. 

Finally, in the last hour more or less the classroom was like a museum. The entire class was visiting the star of every group and observing the photos while the star was explaining them.  Naomi, the star of the flower power’s group explained all the photos of the group in a few minutes otherwise all the stars couldn’t explain their photos.


Hello! I´m Verónica and it´s my turn to be the “analyst” :
This has been the week 1 of work in group and the impression is really positive. The task was “conceptual vision “, where we have to choose 5 situations or whatever that represent the Primary education trough photos made by us.
Since the first moment all members of the group have participated in thinking, adding ideas, providing materials we need, etc. This means we didn´t need to divide the work between us, so we have participated in all parts.
Every participant of the group has done what they have to do, obeyed the role of the week, invested new and original ideas (obviously each new idea can´t be performed, but the respect has been always present) In addition, in spite of everyone have participated in all parts, each one have done something essential for the final result of the work.
 Due to this factors, my opinion is that the less mark I can give to EVERYONE is a 5, as consequence  of the good functioning of my group we have obtained this wonderful result in this first task. I´m really happy and I hope this is only the beginning.


Hi, my name is Rocio Muñoz and this week I am the translator. Here are the key words I considered important:

1. EXPLORE: The desire of discovering new things, new places or something like that. 
2. LONLINESS: A feeling that people have if they are not surrended by others. 
3. OPPRESSION: Is a negative emotion when someone pressess you. 
4. CITIZIENSHIP: I think is when a member of society feels integrated in a group. 

5. CURIOSITY: Is a desire of learning and knowing something new. 

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  1. He there! I'm the journalist of the wildcats.
    I've been through your blog to have a look and I really like the way you create your conceptual pictures and I also think that the way you try to represent your group using emojis is very funny
    Come on Flower powers!