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Hi!! We are going to introduce ourselves in this post:
We are called FLOWER POWER because since the first day, the subject has transmitted us good vibes and we hope that all of you have fun and enjoy our presentations.
We have decided working together since we fit in well as a group and also we have a similar way of working.
We have chosen as the pet of our group a flower called Sprinkler.
The best point of the group is our madness, however when the moment requires it we are serious.
Our worst fear is Sprinkler's death if we fail the subject.

Hi! My name is Paula but you can call me "Poppy" which is a kind of flower I really like. I'm 18 years old and I was born in Murcia.  I was born the 19th of november 1998.
Something good I think I have is the positivity with which I see things. Something bad I think I have is the fear of speaking in public.
One of my dreams I want to make it happen is to travel to all the countries of the world. One of my fears is the death. 

Hello! My name is Aintzane Martín Montes, but you can call me ‘Jasmine’ , It’s one of my favorite flower.
I was born in Cartagena the 6th of april 1998, but all my family is from the north of Spain. Now, I’m living in Murcia because of studies.
Something bad I have is that sometimes,  I’m very demanding of myself, and something good I think that I know listen to people.
My biggest dream is travel around the world in order to meet all the cultures, and by contrast my biggest fear is the death.

Hello, my name is Paula but you can also call me "Sunflower" which is the name of the flower that I have chosen for this subject.
I live in Cartagena for 16 years although I was born in Sevilla the 1st of march 1998. We have moved to Cartagena because my father found a better job there but every Christmas holidays we travel to Sevilla to visit our family.
One of my faults is that I am a bit curt sometimes but on the other hand I always try to help people when they need it.
I think that one of my fears is the death of someone who is really close to me and one of my dreams is travelling to Africa and helping children at schools.

Hello! My name is Naomi but you can call me "Lavender", a kind of flower I really love.
I was born in Cartagena but nowadays from Monday to Friday I live in Murcia because of the University. I was born the 10th of November of 1998. My biggest fault is that I am very impatient but one of my biggest qualities is that I consider myself very hard worker. My dream is to travel a lot in the future. I do not have big fears, maybe one fear of mine could be the death.
Hello! My name is Verónica Molina Tébar, but you also call me Violet as it is my nickname (but only during the presentation of this subject).
I was born the 12 th of March in 1998 in the wonderful city of Murcia. I´ve been always living here and this is my first year at the University.
One of my best points is that I could be really original. But when I want I could also be the most negative person that exist, furthermore I´m a bit whiny too.
My dream is to become  the best teacher the world have 

Hello!! I am Rocio and my nickname is Daisy (because I love this flower) 
I was born in Yecla (a small city of Murcia) the 19th of June in 1998. 
I am really good at giving advices to others but at the same time I think I am not really good at speaking in public because of my personality ( I am very shy) 
On the one hand, I would like to travel when I have a job to pay all my travels and to be an effective teacher too. On the other hand, my biggest fear is not enjoying life.

Hi! my name is Berta but you can also call me tulip.
I was born in Canary Islands the 16th of october 1998 but because of my father's job we had to move to Murcia. I'm living here since I'm 2 years old. 
Something bad I have is that I'm a pessimistic girl and something good is that I'm very organized.
I scare speaking in public and when I have to do it I become very nervous because I'm very shy. One of my dreams is to skydiving. 

Hi! My name is Elena but you can also call me "Rose" because I love roses.
I was born the 17 of October in 1998 in the city of Cartagena. Nowadays I am a student in the University of Murcia.
Something good I have is that I am a cheerful person and I always try to be as positivist as possible. Something bad I have is that I am very shy so I am afraid of speaking in public.
One of my fears is that I am claustrophobic so I have a very bad time when I am in small and narrow rooms.

One of my dreams is that I can finish my career and have a great job, but one thing I always wanted to do is to visit wonderful places all over the world and know the different traditions and cultures.


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