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Hello people, how are you? I’m going to introduce myself: I’m Paula Martinez and I'm working at the Flower Power public school in the countryside, near Murcia. Our school is not big enough, we have only one class for each course of primary education and each course have a tutor. Also, if we have any doubt we can go to our advisor. The facilities are formed by a playground, a gym, a small pool and a canteen.
We are starting to work by PBL and we are starting to take time for the emotions.

I want to be the leader of this school due to I want to improve the educational system and the academic performance of our students.

Ladies and gentlemen, the rules are going to be created by and for those within the school, searching for the best present and future for our students. 

We dream of getting in touch with our students to create a new type of leadership in our school, which is totally the opposite of the authoritarian leadership. 
From our point of view a change is necessary and you’ll ask Why a change is necessary? Because we are accustomed to listen the word LEADER and automatically we think about a person who impose ideas without listening others opinions, he/she is insensitive to race and gender and for him/her people must be forced to work. 

On the other hand, we don’t promote punishment such as the transactional leader. If you are wrong, we do not punish you, we will help you to see the mistake and improve your work. 

A transformational leader would be fine but maybe in the future when we achieve some of our objectives, not now. 

I’m going to struggle to change your opinion about the concept of LEADER because we are fed up with this situation, THAT’S WHY I’M HERE. I’m here to:

-GUARANTEE that I’m going to listen the concerns of everyone.
-GUARANTEE that I’m going to understand all of you.
-GUARANTEE that we are going to work together in order to reach goals easily. 
-GUARANTEE that I’m going to create a family atmosphere. 
-GUARANTEE that I’m going to respect the contribution of each member.

All of you are going to have the same opportunities, opportunities to participate opportunities to communicate your concerns and everything in a safe environment.

Our thought is based on moral principles for that reason we want vocational and professional teachers.

We can’t forget our students’ opinions. We want to make their school life unforgettable! They will remind us for what they have truly learned, not for what we have imposed them. In addition, we have reflect about some ideas that we are sure, our student will love it:

1. Ask them about some actual topics in which they are interested in.
2. Ask them in what type of physical activities are interested in, such as basket, football, jumping the rope…
3. Each month we can do a coexistence for helping shy guys, also to know well each other and sharing experiences.
4. We want to remove textbooks and we are going to use more ICT.
5. We want to introduce an ecological garden, too.

We want to help our students to get the best of themselves, help them to develop their own personality, to be different and original. Not all of us stand out in the same way but all of us are unique, we are all worth for something! We will let your creativity and fantasy grow and everyone will know it. 




This task consisted of giving a speech as if you were the candidate to get the leader position. The goal was to improve the school in complex institutions trying to do the best of ourselves.

From our point of view, the participative leader was the best leadership because we found it balanced and not extremist at all. The others did not convince us because the authoritarian leader is a person who impose ideas without listening others opinions, he/she is insensitive to race and gender and for him/her people must be forced to work. The transactional leader promotes punishment and the transformational leader would be fine but maybe in the future when we achieve some of our objectives, not now.


Hello Flowers! I’m Paula Martínez Plaza and this week I’ve been the star!

On Monday, I was so expectant when we divided up the roles because something in my inner thoughts was saying that I was going to be the star, so it was. We had to make a speech and on Wednesday I had to expose it during ten minutes as if I wanted to be the leader of the school.

At the evening, my classmates and I started to write the speech and from our point of view, we did quite well. Furthermore, we did a Powtoon, which is an interactive video, for the campaign.

On Wednesday, I was nervous but at the same time excited and motivated. After some groups, it was my turn, my partners put some balloons around the class and I gave my speech. In this moment, I felt strange because I did something that I did I never thought I could do due to I’m very shy. At the end, some of my classmates congratulated me and our teacher said that all of the groups were saying many beautiful things about education.

Finally, I’m very proud with the result of this task because it has been a very cooperative work and they have helped and encouraged me a lot.


Hi!!! I am Elena Torres Soto and this week I am the journalist of my group Flower Power. My duty in this role is to tell you what we have done to obtain the results of this task.

The task of this week has been very interested since we have learned the different types of leadership styles and how they should act to contribute to a better education style. We have been working a lot and this week we haven’t had any problema since we were very well organized. 

The star of this task was Paula who was a great candidate for the elections and I strongly think that she talked during all the discourse in a very motivating way. 

We enjoyed it a lot!!!


Hi everyone! I’m Berta Tornel and I’m the facilitator of this week.

Our objective this week was to present a candidate to be the leader of a school.
The candidate was the star, in our group Paula Martínez Plaza. To do the task we had to read a document about the different leadership styles and choose one. We decided to do the participative style which consists in a leader that is above everyone, but that doesn't impose his rules. We believe this leader is a great leader because he really seeks the best for the people.

After knowing which style we divided the work. Some of us took charged on the artistic things and the other finding ideas to do the speech. Making the speech was the worst thing of this task because we were blocked often due to we wanted to do our best and because we were all the time thinking that the speech was too short.

As a good facilitator, I was there to motivate my group and I brought some sweets that they loved. I help in everything I could. Our group has a very good connection and we work very well together. I’m very happy with my group.

The day of the elections, our star Paula, did an amazing speech, obviously she is our winner. What strike my attention was that almost all the group choose the participative style except Starfish group that chose transactional and Sparcers 2.0 that choose transformational. 

To be honest, I loved this task because it was no so difficult and we worked very well.


Hi everyone! I'm Paula Martínez García and this is my second time as translator, so my objective is to tell you what are the new concepts we hace learned this week.

Authoritarian leaders: Those who manipulate people, they are insensitive to race and gender, people must be forced yo work.

Participative leaders: Totally the opposit of authoritarian leader. Workers are treat with dignity. The motivation and comunication is very important to create more productivity. They work in groups and it's like a family.

Transcational leaders: It balance the dynamics of balancing the needs and productivity of the organization with the needs and productivity of the organization with the needs, personality and dispositions of people doing the work. They reflect the reality of the workplace and continues to be the predominant model in most organizations. 

Tranformational leaders: Is a moral leadership where they create an environment where everyone is empowered to fulfill their needs and become a member of a community.

Leadership: The position of a leader who guides a group.

Curator - Farmer

Hello everyone !!!! My name is Rocío Muñoz. In this task I am the curator farmer so my role consist of collecting all the links that we have used in our work. In addition I have added a video which was showed  the last Wednesday to help our star Paula to impose her ideas.

The document that we used is on the internet and is called "Leadership Styles." (Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration) as the name of the task and all the information was collected from this document.

Finally on Wednesday we distributed some brochures and I have included the link of the page used too.


Hi!! I’m Aintzane and I am the analyst of this week!

The task of this week has been about leadership. We had to do a campaign, so, on Wednesday our star Paula, gave a speech in order to contribute to a better education style. She was very nervous but she did it truly amazing. We have worked hard this week, we did brochures and paper flowers, we bought balloons in which we could read “VOTE FOR PAULA” or, “FLOWER POWER”. At the end, when Paula finished her speech, we put a funny powtoon.

In sum, I think that this week has been a good week. We have worked a lot, but we have also had funny. I hope to continue working like this.
See you next week flowers!!!

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