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Hi everyone! I am Vero, the star of the task this week.
This time was our moment to make an stop-motion about new laws in education and then  present it to the class as we were participants of eurovision, so I was the presenter of my group. 
I dindn't know I had to present until the moment . In addition, I was the first of all the groups and I didn't know exactly what I had to do so I felt a bit nervious, however I relaxed immediately due to the fact that it was the second time i was the star and i'm starting to be adapted to make public presentations.
After all the videos were presented, we pass to give the puntuation to the others and I was the spokenperson, something  that make me feel in compromise with the rest of groups because although the mark is a decision of all of us I dindt like to value my partners in public.
Leaving out this last moment I have enjoy the role of star in this session.


Stop motion: a filming technique in which successive positions of objects or people are photographed to produce the appearance of movement.

Decalogue: a basic set of rules carrying binding authority.

Advertisement: A notice, such as a poster designed to attract public attention.

Law: a rule, usually made by a government, that is used to order the way in which a society behaves.

Eurovision: A network of European television production administered by the European Broadcasting Union. In this program a singer from each country represents his country with a song. After the performances each country has to punctuate the other ones depending on which one they liked the most. 


Hi everyone! I’m Aintzane, and this week I’m the facilitator of my group FLOWERPOWER!!
This week has been too hard, because we have spent a lot of time taking photos in order to create a STOP-MOTION.
When we met on Monday we tried to do this task with drawing, but it was a failure, so on Tuesday we completely change the style of our work and we started taking photos ourselves.
When we finished taking all the photos, the stop-motion was almost finished, but we had a problem, all our work was erased. We started again, but the program didn’t work well. I tried to motivate my colleagues but we were so tired, we couldn’t understand the reason why it was not solved. 
Finally, we finished the work at 02:30 a.m , and on Wednesday we saw our videos in class. It was not the best, but we are so proud of our work. 


Hi classmates! My name is Rocio Muñoz and this week I am going to tell if we had some problems, etc so as you can see I am the analyst.
To star we had a lot of problems because of the dificulty of the activity, we also spent a lot of time  making the movie with our pictures and finally we finish too late.
But at the end we could finish the task so  I really love our presentation in the work
although we could not win our little Eurovision.
We must go on working in this way because we organize very well.


Hi everybody!!! I am Elena Torres Soto and  this week I am the curator farmer of my group Flower Pmy role is to collect all the links and webpae have taken for reference and used in the work.
The information we have used isa ll form the document “Decálogo ideas-fuerza del Documento de Bases para una nueva Ley de Educación”. After Reading this documetn we just use our imagination to reflecta ll th ideas in a stop-motion format.


Hello everybody, I am Naomi, the journalist of this week. As the journalist, I have to tell you what we have done in the task of this week. 
We had to film a stop motion video about 10 ideas in order to represent that an ideal education in the public school is possible. 
We met on Monday and we talked about how could we represent the stop motion. First we tried drawing on a blackboard but as we had just one day and a half for recording everything we thought that it would be better to film ourselves.
So, on Tuesday we met again and we stayed the whole afternoon and some ours at night because our editor did not work well (our video was deleted more than 4 times)
On Wednesday, Veronica, the star of this task, showed the class our video.
It has been a hard task to make, but also very original and interesting. 

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  1. I absolutly think that this five words are a summary of the task of this week, and we really like the work that flower power group did.