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Hi everyone! I’m Berta Tornel and I have been the star this week.
On Monday when Linda explained the task I was very excited because she told us that this week the stars wouldn’t have to do an oral presentation in front all of the class, that was a very amazing new because I really afraid of speaking in public. All my group thought that this task was really complicated because it was difficult to understand all the complexities and me, the star, I didn’t know really well what to prepare for doing it in Wednesday. On Wednesday I was nervous thinking on what Linda would ask to do. My work was to create a newspaper with all the news of the second complexity that was “The context of a complex organisation”, to be honest I was lucky because this complexity was the best that I have understood, (I think).
Doing the newspaper I was very overwhelmed due to we started late because I had a problem with my news. Furthermore, we created an account in the webpage crayon but nobody of us knew how this web page worked so we had to change the webpage, I think that twice, that’s why my level of nervousness was growing. After finding a webpage that we understood I distributed all the news to my group and what they had to do was the summary of the new and also they had to explain the relationship between the new  and the complexity. We had seven news but we didn’t finish on time because we didn’t find some links of the news we had and also because I didn’t know how to convert a document on word to a PDF.

To summarize, the star this week had a hard work because is the boss and must know how to distribute well the work and also has to manage well the time and I think that the second think I didn’t know how to do it well. With this task I have learned that I have to relax a bit more because when I’m nervous the thinks get worse.

The different newspaper of the other groups: 




Hello everyone!!!!! My name is Paula Martínez García, the analyst of this week. What I have to do is to evaluate the work of my group. The task was "Complexity and relationships" and we had to find the 6 complexities and one news for each complexity. Finally, in class we had to create with others groups a newspaper. I have to say that al of us always work hard and we are a beautiful team. It's true that some of us worked more that others this week, that's why the marks are different depending on how much that person has worked. I hope our marks goes higher next week!


Hello people! I am Rocio Muñoz and this week I am the curator-farmer so I have to collect all the links and webpages that we have taken for reference and used in the work since this task called Complexity and relationships texts is based on searching on the internet. 
This week the task was based on collecting a series of current notices specifically six, between 2016 and 2017 related to the complexity theory. 
In this scheme you have all the links used during the activity. 

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The Complexity of Schools Starkey, L. (2012).
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Hi everyone! I´m Verónica and this week I am the translator. We have learned the meaning of these five words that from my point of view, they summarise this task really well:
-Complexity: This term describes the behavior of a system or model whose components interact in multiple ways and follow local rules, meaning there is no reasonable higher instruction to define the various possible interactions.
-Boundaries:  The limit of a subject or principle.
-Curriculum: the courses offered by an educational institution and the  set of courses constituting an area of specialization.
-Redundancy: The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect.
It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences.

-Determinism: It is  the philosophical position that for every event there exist conditions that could cause no other event.


Hello everyone!! I am Naomi Méndez and this week I am the facilitator of the group.
As the facilitator, this week I had to coordinate the task and motivate the rest of the group while working and searching for complexities and some interesting news.
We found a bit hard the searching of the news because of the big amount of news you can find about lots of topics. We wanted to choose accurately.
My role as facilitator was not difficult because we are a group very organized and we hardly ever disagree.


Hi everyone! I’m Aintzane again, and I’m the journalist of this week.
The task of this week has been a little bit strange, because we didn’t know what we had to do. On Monday we read the task before Linda explained it, but anybody understood anything. In the practical hour, we divided the different parts of the document, and we started working in pairs. Each pair had to read, understand, and explain to the rest of the group the different documents in order to understand everything.
In the afternoon, we met in Elena’s house, once we had understood everything we started looking for different articles published in 2016/2017 related with the different parts of the documents. We didn’t know if we were doing it right, so, we changed the news an amount of times, but almost night, WE FINISHED IT! 

On Wednesday, we formed groups, the stars this time were the leaders. The rest of us were divided in different groups, in order to do a newspaper with a star, whose couldn’t be of our group. The main of that, was to explain each complexity at the end of the class, but it couldn’t be possible because not every group had finished on time. So, it has been postponed for Monday.

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  1. Hello Berta!
    You have dne a really good job on Wednesday and, finally, you and yourgrou were able to create a fantastic newspaper!

  2. Hi girls!
    I'm Fabiola from the Starfish group! Iwant to tell you that my group and I reckon that you are working in a great way all the weeks so I congratulate you!
    Keep up the good work! :)