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Hello everyone, my name is Rocío and this fourth week I am the Star of the task that consisted on performing and exposing your own instructional class to your own students. 

First I think I have been very lucky because I have been exposed in the most exciting, fun, and most necessary task for my future since this is what I am going to do. 

I am also very happy for the experience as a star. At the beginning I was very nervous because there is a lot of level in my class and I was afraid of not knowing how to be nice with my "students", so someone recommended me to imagine teaching in a real elementary students lesson, because of that I think " I got into the role of a teacher "and from my point of view when I explained I achieve the goal: students interested in learning. 

Of course, thanks to this task I have been able to take note of several errors that I had in the exhibition which were, among others, relaxing , moving and being faster in a exposure. 

The theme that we chose was the senses in a group of primary education, therefore we did not extend much on the subject, and I was lucky because several weeks ago this same topic I had to explain it to a familiar of the same age so I loved repeating the moment. 
Finally thanks to this work I look forward to working as a professional teacher.


In this task we have learned two types of important content. On the one hand we have learned what the creative commons licenses are. On the other hand how to make an effective presentation.

 The first one that we have learned is the Creative Commons Licenses (licenses are a suite of copyright-based licenses defining terms for the distribution and re-use of creative works) also we already know what kind of pictures and pages we must use and what types of pictures are private and therefore should not be copied, so it is called creative commons licenses. As we can observe, most of pages are "copy right" (©) that is the exclusive right of an author, publisher or licensee. Copyright is a kind of license in which all rights are reserved and you can´t use images without asking permission to its author.
Another type of license is “copy left” which allows the free distribution of modified copies and versions of a work or other work, demanding that the same rights be preserved. Unlike this one also exists CC, with them the author allows the public to use their information but with limits. This means that we can let everyone use it but the author imposes his/her rules. CCO is completely free, so they are photos, images and pages that are forbiden without asking permission their authors.

The second one, thanks to this activity we already know how to expose correctly and has served for the rest of tasks establishing a better connection with our audience so that they understood the content exposed. Therefore, during the rest of the tasks, we have exposed as close as possible to the public, asking them questions, making them participate in the content by asking them what they know about it. With respect to the exercises, exhibition and activities (for example, power points, brochures, ...) now we know they should be with a  large and clear lyric, if possible with a great diversity of photos to attract more viewers. Moreover a good exhibition should be done without nervous, that means, the person or people who are representing must be calm and show good emotions towards his or her public.


Hello Flowers! I’m Paula Martínez Plaza and this week my role has been “Analyst”, so as good Analyst, I have had to observe and evaluate the work of my group. The task of this week has consisted of making two presentations. One based on Creative Commons, that is, a non-profit license and the other one had to be based on any content on Primary School. In our case, we choose the topic of “the 5 senses”.
At the beginning we felt a bit lost because it was something really new for us but finally we have enjoyed doing this task since we have found it not difficult at all and also it has been interested because we didn’t know that the majority of the photos, music, movies and so on that we use are normally illegal.
Also, the topic that we choose seemed to us very funny for kids and we introduced a box for making more dynamic the task.

We think that this task is strongly related with our degree because nowadays many teachers use the technology in their classes to make less bored the learning and more visual the contents too. For that reason, we have found useful this work due to in a future we will be teachers and we will have to renovate our methods for improving the teaching-learning processes.


Hi everyone! I’m Berta Tornel and this week I have been the translator. I considered important these words:

Presentation: A presentation is an activity or process to share the contents of a topic to an audience.

Creative commons: Non-profitable organization which make possible to set free copyright licences.  They are based on the legal rules of intellectual property and depending on your preferences, you can choose among six different licenses to mark your material, if someone breaks your permission.

Copyright: it’s the exclusive right that has a creator on each and every of his works and that allows him to decide what conditions are necessary to be reproduced and distributed.

Slideshare: Slide Share is a web page in which people can register and upload their presentations. Finally they would have their presentation online for free.

Senses:any of the faculties, as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, by whichhumans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or insidethe body.


Hi!!! I am Elena Torres Soto and this week I am the journalist of my group. My duty in this role is to tell you what we have done to obtain the results of this task.
First of all, on Monday Linda explained and gave us instructions about what we have to do in the task 4. We tought it was very interesting since it was what we actually are going to do in our future job. However, the task about copyright, copyleft and so on was quite difficult to us and we did not have much clear what we had to do.
We started to work on it on classroom and we had lots of ideas about the topic we have to choose, but finally we took the option of “The senses”, since we thought it was very interesting and it was something we could explain in a creative way. We carry on our project during the afternoon and I have to say we were more relaxed than the last week beacause we had all we have to do much more clear, and we worked really good together. We finished the Project during the evening of Tuesday and we were very happy with our results.  Moreover, thanks to our facilitator, who was Aintzane this time, we could stay focused since she brought us a delicious cake.

On Wednesday, finally arrive the presenation day, and although our star, who was Rocío, was very nervous she did it in a very enternaining way and very fast-moving. I think all the other groups made an excellent work and they made it in an enjoyable way. I think this was the funniest task we have made!!!!


Hi everyone! I’m Aintzane, and this week I am the facilitator of my group, FLOWER POWER!!. 
The task of this week has been about Creative Common Resources, but also we have created a visual presentation about ‘5 senses’. 
Firstly, we met on Monday and we divided the task. But I have to say that the part of the visual presentation  was easier than the other one, because we have never worked looking for the free resources, so, it was very stressful. 
On Tuesday, we met again, we were very overwhelmed because of   the 30 slides of the second presentation, we didn’t know how to do it, and when we finish it, we weren’t sure if we got it right. Like I am the facilitator this week, I brought a sponge cake in order to motivate my group.
On Wednesday, our Star Rocio presented the visual presentation, she was very nervous, since she’s a shy person but she did GREAT!! At the end of the presentation we had done a box of 5 senses. In this game, Carmelo y Jose took part with her, it was nice and we had fun.

This is all for this week!! 


Hello everyone, I am Naomi Méndez García, the curator-farmer of the 4th task. I am going to show you the links we have used:
Garr Reynolds. (2016). Organization & Preparation Tips. 
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- Nancy Duarte. (October 31, 2012). Structure Your Presentation Like a Story. Harvard Business    Review. 
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- Garr Reynolds. (2016). Top Ten Slide Tips.
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This task consisted in making two different slideshows in order to explain firstly, what means to use Creative Commons Licence resource and how to make a good presentation and secondly, in choosing a topic (in our case it was "The five senses") and making a good oral presentation pretending it is a class.

Now I will show you a mind map I have done in order to show you all the references used in this task:

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