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 Hi! My name is Paula Martínez García the star of this week. My work this week was to explain in three minutes what and how have we did the task of this week. 
On Monday I volunteered to be the star of this week because only two of us still had not been stars so I preferred to do it already. While we were doing the “cave art” I was writing what I was going to expose on Wednesday. 
On Tuesday we finished our work so I started to study my speech.   
On Wednesday I began to get a bit nervous because I´m shy and also afraid to speak in public. When Linda said that our group was going to be the first one I get even more nervous but finally everything went very well.

With this experience such as the star of my group I have learned some things for example that I´m able to speak in public without any problem. 


Hello FlowerPowers! I’m Berta Tornel the analyst of this week and as good analyst I have had to evaluate the work of my group.
The task was Summarizing Resources (cartoons) and we had to summarise the ten KEY concepts or moments that we have explored during these six weeks. To do it we use as comic panel the cave art.
We worked very well together, the ideas that we proposed were fantastic and in my opinion we did a very original comic panel.
I have to say that we are a very hard-working group and also lot of us are very creative so that’s why we have original ideas.

Finally in the survey you can see the effort of the whole group highlighting two partners because they involved more than the rest in this task. 


Hello Flowers! I’m Paula Martínez Plaza and this week I’ve been the translator of my group, so I consider that this 5 terms have been the most important of the task:
-Cave Art: Technique used in the prehistory by human beings that consisted in painting its own reality in the walls of a cave.
-Summary: General and brief compilation of previous concepts / ideas / moments.
-Transition: Movement, passage or change from one concept to another.
-Concept: A general notion or idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristic.

-Comic panel: Individual frame, or single drawing, in the multiple-panel sequence. 

Hi everybody! I am Elena Torres Soto and I am the facilitator of this week.
 My role this week consisted of organize and coordinate every member of my gorup during the task. Ienjoyed a lot this role since I have to encourage my group, and personally I love to help people. The first day we started working I brought my colleagues some sweets and snacks so that they can feel more motivated.
I loved the task of this week since it was very creative and I love creative paintings. Moreover I think this week we have worked in a very organised way and as a good facilitator I helped them a lot. I hope we carry on working so good until the moment. Let´s go Flower Power!!!

Hello people! I am Rocio. In the sixth week I am the journalist so I have to tell us what we have had in this activity. 

First of all, on Monday Linda explained us the task. Then we started talking to prepare how we did it since we had to represent a cave of prehistory and we did not know how to start. It was a craft and we needed enough material to do it and a good organization to finish it on time. 

That afternoon, the Flower Powers met in the "Student Residence" located in front of our faculty and each flower brought their respective material and we divided the work. On the one hand, Naomi and me prepared cola mixed with water, Berta and Paula went to a shop to ask for paperboard while two of us went out into the Street to collect mud as it seemed more realistic for our craft than the painting itself and there was enough thanks to the rain previous. At the same time the rest of Flowerr Power started preparing the mural, the size, etc. 
Once we had all returned to collect everything we needed to begin, we set to work. As you can see in the photo, we mix different colours of mud and then with our hands paint the mural which had been previously prepared by the rest. It was very disgusting! And that day we left the mural to dry. 

On Tuesday as our mural was very dry, we began to draw the different ideas that we had learned throughout the course. We did with red, black and brown colours to seem more realistic. That afternoon we get soiled because of the waxes. Later we went to print it on photo paper for each group in our class. 

Finally, on Wednesday our star, Paula, with a bone in her head, explained to the rest of our colleagues and Linda how we had managed to make a mural so realistic and prehistoric. In addition she tell them what ideas have learned during the course. 

I going to show you several photos so you can see these enjoyable days and amused moments in which we have done the task.


Hi everyone! I’m Aintzane Martín, the curator-farmer of this week. In this project we have done a cave art, and we did everything with our imagination. Well, actually we searched ‘what is a cave art’ in google, and the rest of things went out our mind.

The references are in the following list:

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  1. Hi Flowerpowers! I am Marina Vidal, the journalist of Starfish, and I have to say I loved your presentation and your cave art. It was amazing! So, congratulations for that.
    We hope you enjoyed with us and we invite you to have a look in our blog!

  2. Hi Flowers!! I'm the Wildcats' journalist and I want to tell you that we loved your cave art. We think that it was one of the most difficult techniques and you did it great and it was very creative! Keep working this way, good job girls!